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Some good things to consider. We do need to rethink the multitude of devices available to us and their applications in the classroom.


Because of NWP

I choose to teach. I choose to work in an urban school. I choose to explore various strategies to engage my students and help them feel more invested in their education. I choose to spend my free time collaborating, inquiring, and composing with like-minded educators. I choose to do so because of National Writing Project (NWP).

Because of NWP, I have grown as an educator.

Because of NWP, I have grown as a writer.

Because of NWP, I have grown as an advocate for my students and fellow teachers.

What is NWP? It’s an invaluable network of educators investigating literacy education, discussing what works and doesn’t, and combining efforts to best serve our students and teachers. Ask anyone who has participated in an NWP event and just wait for the positive comments to abound. I can honestly say that every NWP experience from the Annual Meetings to midweek Skype conversations has inspired me. I have left every occasion feeling renewed and resolved to do more to better teach my students. That’s why I, along with the more than 130,000 other educators who participate in NWP professional development annually, keep coming back for more.

Because of NWP, I reach out beyond my classroom and my students to share not only what I have learned but to learn from others as well. Young Authors’ Camps, District Writing Institutes, blogging, tweeting, researching, facilitating and developing professional development, online discussions about gaming, ELL literacy instruction, equity, and so much more. NWP has given me the confidence, the knowledge, the motivation to be a teacher leader. NWP teacher consultants (TCs) assume roles that surpass the boundaries of the four walls of the classroom. NWP TCs enthusiastically accept additional responsibilities to further their own knowledge and skills, all the while knowing that they will openly share this with others. Why? Because of NWP.

 A couple of weeks ago, one of my adminstrators asked one of my students how she has improved so much since last year. My student said it was because of me. We teach for moments like these. We strive to have a positive impact in our students’ lives. But how do we achieve this? Well, if that same adminstrator were to ask me how I was able to make such a difference, my response would be:

Because of NWP.

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