Last Day of National Poetry Month Post #4

We also offered the opportunity to compose a poetic response to learner choice novels. What a fantastic way to encourage readers to engage with the text! The connections are so much more authentic and impactful than reading a more traditional book report or even book review.

Kerosene Soaked World (SoundCloud) by Rebecca Carroll, a poetic response to Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury from the perspective of Guy Montag.

Trauma (SoundCloud) by Emily White and Lupeny Garza, a poetic response to A Soldier’s Secret by Marissa Moss.


Last Day of National Poetry Month Post #3

We were very fortunate to have a visiting Lost Boy from Sudan, Mark Narikan, visit our class. He spoke of events in Sudan and the journey to safety.

Learners were invited to respond to his visit in poetry.

Don’t Get Caught by Rebecca Carroll and Eliza McElroy

Sudan by Brianna Lee and Katrina Fisher

Reflection by Nimisha Jain and Maria Benavides



Last Day of National Poetry Month Post #2

We hosted a Slamming for a Cause event in December 2014. Each group chose an issue from a particular culture region to focus on. They wanted to call their audience to action.

New Tech High @ Coppell (NTH@C) Rookies hosted the event: chose the cause and charity that benefited from the night, competed to perform, contacted sponsors for dontations, held a silent auction, and had a bake sale. The event raised $2,000 for UNICEF and their efforts to end human trafficking.

This piece entitled Welcome by Travis Sadler and Eliza McElroy discussed immigration to the United States from Latin America.

Last Day of National Poetry Month Post #1

It speaks to me, and this is why I will always celebrate this month.

Today, I will share what my learners have worked on throughout the year. My learners are Rookies (freshman to non-NTH@C-savvy folk). They constantly amaze me with their wise-beyond-their-years writing and fresh observations.

Here is a Slam Poetry performance entitled Measuring Change by Kendall Dunn and Amulya Pilla. It discusses the issue of Homelessness in Southeast Asia.