Connecting amidst Isolation

I know there’s so much to do right now. Rethinking learning online is a challenge. This is made even more complex with the stress of trying to remain healthy and keep others safe during #COVID19.

Choosing how to spend time is a skill. Making priorities is essential.

When I received the email inviting me to connect with National Writing Project colleagues to support one another while we are all in a state of flux, I knew I needed to be on that Zoom call.

I needed it.

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 7.05.05 PM

This isn’t about another resource to guide our teaching, although this call was rich with food for thought. This is about connection. In the age of isolation, how do we connect to other educators? How do we connect with our families whose time has been parceled out and over extended with calendar invites? How do we connect to our students? Our community? How do we take the time to connect to ourselves, our needs, our fears, our hopes?

As with every NWP event, we were invited to write as we entered our discussion. I miss writing. I needed this. Maybe, this will connect to some of you out there. If so, please choose to make a connection with someone else today. We all need it.


All at once, there were tears…

After a well deserved break,
After consoling others that everything would be alright,
After the hurried check for provisions

After the navigation of what to tell my young son,
A dose of reality and safety
tempered with kindness and warmth

It was that one email
after an endless stream of quick,
purposeful communication.

Schools will be closed to students until April 3.

There were tears…

Tears shared with just a few
Tears hidden from most

Tears for my son
Tears for my students
Tears for those I know who see classrooms as safe places
Tears for the unknown

Those tears were necessary, for me, anyway

And now, the work
The important work

I treasure the tears

I have those tears reminding me of the humanity of
My family,
My friends,
My colleagues,
My students.

I will do the work,
The important work,
As best I can

Open classroom
Open mind

But most of all,
Open heart.



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