Envisioning the Future of Education Technology Infographic

You all know my obsession with infographics.

I know the title is about education technology, but I am finding the change in pedagogy so intrinsically connected to these technologies that it’s difficult to plan on transforming education without integrating pedagogical evolution responsive to these technologies. We discussed this for 4 wonderful hours on Friday while planning what NTH@C will become.

Exciting? Yes. Inspirational? Yes. Daunting? A little. Necessary? Well, to remain relevent and mearningful and adaptive and worthy. Yes.

I would say that Virtual/Physical Studios is defintely an area for growth, but perhaps, the bond program can help with that. Gamification is perhaps closer than we think with powerful curriculum on the horizon (and a pesky facilitator who likes to write grants).

And I want to open up disintermediation. What does that look like? What does that feel like? Can I get some help with that?

The future is NOW. 



The Evolution of Music – INFOGRAPHIC


Who remembers CDs? Cassette tapes? Vinyl? Eight Tracks? So much has changed…interesting that most audiophiles prefer vinyl over digital music. I have to say I agree.

Still, nothing can compare to the ease of digital music. I remember spending hours on Napster! Just a thing of the past.