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Not Much More I Can Do

It’s been a long day. A LONG DAY. A long TWO DAYS!. Good days, don’t get me wrong, but long and intense and as I sat at dinner tonight, shoveling in the melting beef (who needs dessert?). Lynn and Mary wondered if would I make it back to my room and I had nothing to drink that was stronger than a Diet Coke. I laughed but agreed. I had hit the wall and Joseph might have taken me up on a night session on FInal Cut spending more time with our Multimodal Composition but I knew better.
I did make it back to the room and I did open the computer but not to touch FC software. Tomorrow, after a photo walk with Lynn, I will be ready to work with a vengeance and a passion. It’s been a wonderful way to spend time away from the SI that I love and the man who waits for me.
I did mention that it was a GREAT DAY!

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An integral part of keeping my passion and energy going in the classroom in the National Writing Project (NWP). This Posterous shows just one of the reasons why. NWP gives us opportunities to come together for important work, but it doesn’t stop there. NWP realizes the need to write about our work, our thoughts, our surroundings.

During this time to write, more ideas abound and marinate. More questions are raised. Thus, producing even more important work.

To compose is to reflect, to create, to inquire, to inspire.


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