826National: The 826 National Video

I was told about this 2 or 3 years ago by my friend Paul Oh (NWP). 826 is an incredible organization that offers writing workshops, field trips, English Language instruction, publication help, etc. to students and teachers….for free. All programs are project-based with end products being published works, movies, plays, etc.

Another incredible attribute of this organization is the tutors are volunteers, who not only work at the national storefronts but who also go to the schools who are in need. There is great support for these sites.

The 826 storefronts each have their own themes: pirate supply, superhero supply, space travel supply, etc. The stores help to provide some of the financial support, but they also allow easy access to to programs.

So here’s to 826! I wish there were one in Dallas….maybe, I should look into that. Did you hear that, philanthropic Dallas crowd? Let’s do something right for our community.


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