Educational Reform Discussion

With the release of “Waiting for Superman” and NBC’s “Education Nation” weeklong focus on educational reform, there has been much important exploration of education reform in the United States. I am all for it. It just so happens that former First Lady, Laura Bush will be visiting North Dallas High School to announce the George W. Bush Institute’s educational leadership initiative. The Institute will be launching a program for educational leaders that concentrates on educational reform. Bush has generously offered to do a panel discussion prior to the formal media event, where students and teachers will pose questions. So what questions on educational reform should be asked? Where to begin?

Part of my wondering would be centered on teacher leaders. How can administrators build capacity of their team where there is an atmosphere of continued growth? A setting of empowerment to seek best practices that may venture away from the “tried and true”? What sort of structures can be implemented to foster partnerships between public schools with universities and other organizations? How can more reflection and teacher inquiry transform the face of education? What can leadership prep programs do to support these habits?

Hmmmm…more thinking to do, but the brain is a-churning.


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