Digital Literacy Team Homework…1

Okay, so who’s bright idea was this anyway? Okay, I’ve always wanted a personal learning network on campus where I could share some digital literacy ideas. Now, I have one, but of course, that means more work…more enjoyable work.

First, we were asked to pick our top 10 sites. This was difficult so here are some of mine in no particular order. They would change if asked again at this moment. 

Sorry…see doc.

Then, we were asked to find an article and app supporting iPads in the classroom. See my Scoop It: iPad=iLearn.

The app I chose was Toontastic. It allows users to drag, drop, animate, and narrate stories. The awesome part of it is that the story is developed using the Plot Diagram. Great for composing narratives.

Then we were charged with discussing possible publishing platforms to share our work. Of course, I chose Posterous. Just see here for help getting started with Posterous.


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