The First Day of School Reviews are in… #hope

The first day of school drop-off went smoothly. Seeing the principal outside to greet eager little minds with smiles and hugs certainly differed from our experience last year. I was giddy with excitement from all the care and nurturing that I sensed.

This is what young minds look like!
This is what young minds look like!

At the of my school day, I asked learners who were previously in my class and children of other facilitators how their day was. I hear so many wonderful things: “So-and-so seems like he’s going to be cool…,” “I’m so excited to be in her class,” and my personal favorite: “I love my teachers. I love my teacher.”

Wow! Such incredible first impressions. I could only hope to have such positive remarks! It’s what we as educators long for: excited, eager minds ready to learn.

As a mother, I dream of a place that fosters Isaac’s intellect and growth as a learner.

Please, oh, please let Isaac have an incredible day!!

Anyone who has a school-aged child knows the nervous butterflies that consume the belly when pick-up time arrives.

How did it go? Did he make friends? Did he love his teacher? Did he behave? Did he talk too much? Was he still excited?

I pulled up to the gym. I exited my Subaru as quickly as I could rushing to the gym to retrieve my little man from Y after school care. After confirming I was authorized to fetch Isaac, I gave him a tight embrace, ravenously asking, “How was it? How was it?”

“It was great,” he replied calmly.

“Great?” I asked.

“It was awesome,” he reconsidered, “It was awesome!”

Yes!!!! He’s excited!!! YES!!!!! Success!!!!

It was AWESOME!!
It was AWESOME!!

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