It Takes a Village… and a Public Library

What does one do one Spring Break?

Staycations are getting more and more popular as schedules get increasingly challenging to coordinate. Plus, there’s value in slowing down, kicking about locally, and just reacquainting yourself with your kid.

IMG_3222 3.jpg

Thankfully, Allen Public Library offers a wide array of events and happenings for all ages. We spend out first day of Spring Break playing Live Action Fortnite. I don’t allow my soon to play this video game, but I have to admit the videos have sparked his interest in dancing. Plus, what a great opportunity to run around and get some of that energy out!

It was freezing. I couldn’t get my body temp up for the rest of the day, but Isaac loved it. I loved seeing him love it. He moved. He made new friends. He learned different ways of playing. He danced. Although an hour, I hope it serves as a template for life.


What a great start the week!


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