A Generation of Our Children Growing Up Without One or More Parents

Many of you have already seen this clip. It moved me to tears. Many of the reunions happened at schools, and I wondered, “How many of our children are having to do without a father or mother because he or she is serving our country? How many will lag behind, require years to recover the loss, or never get over the separation at all?”

We talk about the high divorce rate. The rise in single mothers. But, this is a different phenomenon. We haven’t been at war for this long in my memory. We haven’t seen this many troops deployed and redeployed and redeployed. And, no one knows when this will end. Many people agree we need to pull out, but how will this effect the countries we leave?

I had a friend who taught at a school that served Ft. Hood. She observed children entrenched in this sentiment of loss. I couldn’t do it. The children are most probably on the move, have said good-bye at least once to a parent, and they know what their father or mother is doing is dangerous. They know they are protecting our country, but they also know the risks they are taking.

This video is bittersweet. These are the happy stories, where chidlren and loved ones see one another again. But let us not forget about those who are lost forever. Let us not forget that another good-bye is probably in store for them. Who knows how long until the next reunion?

What does this mean for the education of this generation of chidren of U.S. troops? If a basic need of having parent is not there, if the basic need of safety for their family does not exist, how can they learn?

Unfortunately, this might be the least of their problems.

Thank you to those who serve and protect this country. You are not forgotten.



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