Enrique’s Journeyisms 2

Olga Sanchez Martinez…what a saint. After having cancer, being in a coma, losing parts of her fingers at work in the tortilla factory, being left by her husband for another woman, she still finds the strength to help so many migrants like Enrique.

She seeks those injured on their journey to the North to give them medical attention they would not otherwise receive. She spends her life trying to raise money for a clinic. She spends what little money she does have on her mission to help migrants and gathers donations to sell used clothing and food at market to earn more. She takes them into her own home. She seeks out medicine and prosthetics. She encourages those she helps with words of strength and inspiration.

She endangers her own safety by helping others.

People like this who are so selfless, so dedicated. It is a wonder that such goodness exists, but I am happy it does.



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