Keeping it Real in an Urban High School

Because one of the reasons I continue to teach at an urban comprehensive high school is there is never a dull moment and because some of my previous posts have been just too serious, I have some fun anecdotes to share with you from my first week of teaching freshman and sophmore English.


Anecdote 1:

Me: How was your summer?

Student: Great, Miss. I went to New York.

Me: Wow! That is exciting. What did you do? (At this point, I am thnking about what a culturally rich city it is. How I love Manhatten, its diversity, its amazing museums and food. I am eager to hear his adventures.)

Student: It was so great all I did was watch white girls. (Enter laughter here)


Anecdote 2:

At North Dallas HIgh School, we have gendered classes for freshmen. This was a sad, sad revelation for my young men. Of course, they asked why, and I responded with the usual, “We want you to have as few distractions as possible so you can succeed.” One of them was particularly concerned.

Male Student: So all the boys are in all-boys classes?

Me: Yes. That’s right.

Male Student: But what about the girls?

(Pregnant Pause. Really? Really? Logic, please. At this point, I am laughing hysterically on the inside, but I proceed with dignity and respect for him.)

Me: Yes, the girls, too.

Male: Good. I guess I don’t have to worry about my girl, then.


Yup, deep belly laughs. It keeps me young. It keeps me loving my kids. It keeps me going.


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