Collaborating with Some Oldies but Goodies

I collaborate twice a week with my PLC. Our first one was fun, and part of our discussion centered around integrating grammar lessons with our literature study. In the ideal world, it would be done based on the literature itself, but working with many LEP, SPED, and at-risk kids, we know the need to introduce grammar in many contexts.

One of our newbies, Jo Rohde suggested School House Rock for our counjunction lesson. We began to sing, and to be honest, I didn’t know she would know that considering how young she is. It’s good to know that more people are still exposed to that program. I know Isaac was lucky enough to receive his copy last Christmas from his Aunt B.


A couple of us offered up our copies, but we were reminded that they were on Teacher Tube, good ole Teacher Tube. Thanks, Ulibarri!

My point is it’s good to know that so many quality resources are out there, and that great sites like, Teacher Tube make them easily accessible for all…all for free.

Don’t be afraid to fall back on some old standards because many of them like School House Rock will still engage students and teach them traditionally blah-blah lessons like grammar.



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